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The origin

Many great stories start with a cataclysmic event and so does this one. According to the divorce agreement I signed several years ago I would bear the primary financial responsibility for my kids. The implementation of this plan quickly became problematic. The issue was that my ex-wife would want me to buy specific things for our children, like a particular pair of shoes or some pajamas or a child-friendly toothpaste, some books, school supplies and so on. The underlying theme was that she wanted specific things and there were several of them every few weeks and they all lived in my ex-wife's Amazon shopping cart.

Now having successfully escaped directly financial relationship I did not feel comfortable just handing over my credit card to her. So as any other modern, curious human, I, erm, googled for answers 🤣. To my complete surprise there was no way to transfer a list of items between shopping carts or shopping lists on Amazon. Not from the vendor directly and not from anyone else either. There was really only one way to do this through wish lists and to say that it's as annoying as it sounds is not nearly descriptive enough to explain the pain of that process.

Following several days of crushing despair, I realized that I had all the skills necessary to fill this interesting gap. So, I sat down and created the first version of what was to become the Share-A-Cart suite of products: the browser add-on that allows one user to pack their cart with items and then, with a single click (‼️), generate a code for the contents of that cart which then could be passed to another user to be loaded directly into their Amazon shopping cart.

In the years since the team grew, we formed a company, expanded support to many many more vendors and helped thousands of users purchase over a million items accurately and quickly from shopping lists created by their ex-wives, fitness instructors, day care administrators, school teachers, housemates, friends and coworkers. We're delighted to be able to help.

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Help and how-to guides

We understand that Share-A-Cart may seem confusing to a beginner. We have compiled a set of useful how-to guides for you as well as a rich frequently asked question section. Please browse it if you are stuck anywhere or use the feedback form on this page to leave us a note. Thank you!


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