Need to Explore Your Cart History?

Join Share-A-Cart+ to connect your extension’s pre-existing carts, and you’ll have a complete history of your carts across all your devices and browsers! Add notes and tags, search across years of history, and export your data. Share-A-Cart+ is a natural companion for the frequent users.

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Expand Your Cart History

If you are a heavy Share-A-Cart user, you know how hard it is to keep track of your cart history, especially since your cart history is stored locally in your extension (and may get nuked if you clear storage or reinstall the extension!). With Share-A-Cart+, you never need to worry about sent or received carts because they will be associated with your account and accessible from anywhere.

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Step 1

Search and Sort Through Your Carts

You know how hard it can be to find that one cart you may have created or received a year ago. With Share-A-Cart+, you can easily search and sort your carts, including cart items, retailers, and even prices - making it super easy to find any cart quickly.

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Step 1

Tag, Label, Export and Apply Simple Workflow

Oh, and one more thing. You can now tag, label, and export your saved carts! Use tags to build simple workflows, and then export this data into Excel for easier bookkeeping and order management.

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Share-A-Cart+ Pricing

Free During Beta!


Cart History 5 Latest Carts
Users 1
Free During Beta!
$0 USD/Month


Cart History Full
Users 1
Free During Beta!
$0 USD/Month


Cart History Full
Users Multiple
Free During Beta!
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I needed a way to transfer items between my personal and business Amazon carts since I often start shopping before I remember to switch accounts. Works like a charm. Saves me lots of time and is so simple to use.

Frank Flucke

star rating image

Very easy to use!

Mia Berry, July 2, 2021

star rating image

Fills a real need and works well.

Gary Herbstman, April 23, 2019

star rating image

Share-a-Cart is pure Genius and works Beautifully! As Managed Security Provider (MSP) and computer consultant of a small business, I regularly have to find and price computer, network and infrastructure related parts and systems for our customers. With 'Share-a-Cart' I can now look up the items/parts and then simply 'Share' my cart with the customer directly. In the past I would have to Email the List of items to the customer, and HOPE they add the correct items to their cart. Share-a-Cart streamlines the process and removes the potential of the customer accidentally purchasing the Wrong Parts/Items. I am now a Huge Fan of and would HIGHLY Recommend Share-a-Cart! Great Job and Great Product!!!

Andrew McCullough (RaT1oNaL-0n3), June 14, 2022

star rating image

Very easy and simple! I used it and worked perfectly

Jessica Bonilla, November 6, 2018

star rating image

Great idea and execution.

Daniel Ludwinski, August 23, 2021

How do others use Share-A-Cart+?

Over the years we've gotten requests from our power users for a persistent, searchable history of the carts they created with an option to export the cart list and details. We rolled these features and more into Share-A-Cart+.

Can I continue to use Share-A-Cart without Share-A-Cart+?

Definitely. Share-A-Cart+ is an optional service. You can continue to use Share-A-Cart services on the website and in the browser addons as you have been.

How much is Share-A-Cart+?

Share-A-Cart+ is free while in beta. We will announce pricing when we are ready to call it done. We will give plenty of notice before we start charging for the service.

Do you collect and store my personal information?

Share-A-Cart+ uses something called "federated login". We rely on Google, Microsoft and other services to tell us who you are. We store your name and email address. We have no access to your Google, Microsoft, or other account you signed in with, only the name and email address provided to us by the service you used to log in.

Do you sell or share my personal information?

Share-A-Cart does not currently, has never in the past and has no plans to share or sell identifiable user information. As a matter of fact only now, six years since inception we are asking for your email address for the completely optional service of Share-A-Cart+. You can continue to use Share-A-Cart without login and without sharing your email address.

How do you use my personal information?

Your name is used for minimal interface customization, like: "Hi Mike!". Your email address may occasionally receive communication from us regarding Share-A-Cart services. We currently do not have plans for much communication and if we send you anything, you will be able to opt-out of future contact.

Can I delete my personal information?

Absolutely. Just reach out to us via the contact form and we will take care of it for you.

I have a feature suggestion for Share-A-Cart+, how do I let you know?

We have a contact form and we'd love to hear from you!

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