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Integration with Share-A-Cart

Are you a retailer that wants to integrate with Share-A-Cart? We are happy to work with your brand directly. Just drop us a note, including your site URL, category, and contact information and we will reach out to you.

Commerce Platforms

Share-A-Cart is expanding support into commerce platforms as well. If you are running a business on a popular platform such as BigCommerce, Shopify, or WiX and would like to integrate via a platform app, let us know!

Share-A-Cart for Your Store external link is a Shopify app to let your users quickly share their pre-filled carts with anyone else without leaving your store's website.

Custom direct-to-cart solutions

Many site owners and influencers already use Share-A-Cart to provide their users with links to pre-populated, reusable shopping carts. We can take this further and direct a consumer straight into the shopping carts of virtually any e-commerce vendor. The content of these carts can be mapped based on a list of items provided by you, or it can even be populated by AI-driven context extraction technology. For example, we can dynamically make a cart that includes the ingredients required for a recipe on your site. Get in touch for more details.

Competitive market access

Share-A-Cart drives more than $250M of business annually to our e-commerce partners. Our shoppers are smart and savvy, and price- and vendor-conscious. We provide retailers a unique opportunity to change consumer behavior by presenting alternative shopping choices at the last mile of their purchase journey. We can integrate with your rewards or coupon programs to incent consumers to buy from you instead of your competitors. If you are interested in tapping into our quarter of a billion dollar stream of commerce, please reach out.

Private label procurement solutions

Share-A-Cart already accelerates commerce for shoppers across hundreds of retailers, but we can extend this capability to work directly with your business and institutional clients as well. If you'd like to have your users, employees, or customers use a private label version of Share-A-Cart to help make purchasing easier and more efficient at your company, talk to us.

Retail data and research

Share-A-Cart has been in business for half a decade and owns a multi-million dollar database of purchased items across hundreds of major, global grocers and retailers. While the majority of our audience resides in the United States, retailer support has been steadily growing in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Central and South America. If you need to know about who is buying what, which products are trending up or down, product pricing trends, or other purchasing behavior data, get in touch with us.

Get in touch

If you prefer to speak to us directly via a Google Meet or Zoom, please feel free to schedule time on our calendar.