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The right tools for the smaller jobs

Shared on 02 August 2020

The caveman in us always wants moar power!!!, but that's not always necessary or justified – cordless power tools are no exception. Consider this cordless driver from SKIL (or the pistol-grip variation if you prefer that sort of handling). This a 4V tool, nowhere near 20V or even 12V that power most common tools. Let's consider why. Lower voltage of the battery means a smaller and lighter device. This one can also be charged with a regular USB charger. It will fit into smaller spaces that you drill which can certainly spin a hex driver bit. The trade-off here is that with a smaller motor and a less powerful battery, this screw driver won't generate as much torque as it's larger drill cousins will. More torque is not always better. Sure, you need it to drill into brick or metal; or to drive a fastener into a tougher material, but for opening up an outlet or a battery compartment on a toy this tool is the right tool for the job. Not only is it more compact and easier to handle in this case, but it's also less likely to damage the screw or the item by over tightening or stripping the head.

With this in mind let's explore the SKIL range of 12V cordless power tools. If you're just starting out SKIL has several kits for that. We included the 2-tool drill and impact driver set. There are others that are more costly like this 5-piece kit with a drill and on oscillating tool among others. This kit includes some filler tools like a cordless light and a bluetooth speaker. For us that's not a great deal for things that we won't use anyway. An oscillating multitool is definitely nice to have and included it on the list separately. Note that the starter kits include a charger and a battery. You might not need an extra charger or battery and in that case you can save a few bucks by ordering bare tools. Several saws, including a circular saw round out the list together with a angle driver and a compact tire inflator.

If Black+Decker is your brand, check out our discussion of their 20V tools. If you're a fan of manual driving tools, we have a great list for those as well.

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