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Shared on 6 June 2023, by Mike

We are proud to unveil Share-A-Cart+, a convenient, subscription-based solution that outperforms conventional cart management and organization. This innovative platform doesn't merely manage your online shopping; it enhances the entire experience by adding a wealth of features meticulously designed to simplify and enrich your e-commerce activities.

Key among the features offered by Share-A-Cart+ is the extended cart history retention, stretching up to a full five years. This means you can access, review, and reorder any of the products that caught your eye half a decade ago. Gone are the days of regretting a missed purchase opportunity or losing track of your product preferences; with Share-A-Cart+, you can retrace your online shopping journey with ease.

To streamline your cart navigation, Share-A-Cart+ provides easy, intuitive access to all the carts linked to your account. Regardless of the number of carts you've accumulated over time, our user-friendly interface ensures smooth, hassle-free navigation. Be it an abandoned cart from months ago or a fully-loaded cart waiting for checkout, every cart is just a click away.

But we didn't stop there. The Share-A-Cart+ platform incorporates a new powerful search feature. This tool allows you to swiftly locate items, notes, and other data points in your carts. Whether you're looking for a specific product or a note you left for yourself, our enhanced search functionality eliminates the need for time-consuming manual review.

Share-A-Cart+ offers more than advanced search and long-term history. Our platform stands apart in its capacity for customization. Share-A-Cart+ gives you the freedom to add your own fields to cart-associated information, giving you unprecedented control over your purchasing data. You can collect additional data during cart creation or edit the data afterward, tailoring the information to precisely meet your requirements. This information can be exported into 3rd party procurement systems.

Moreover, with Share-A-Cart+, you can generate customizable reports. Analyze and present cart data in a way that makes sense to you. Whether you want to review your shopping habits, assess your spending patterns, or present e-commerce data to others, our customizable reports cater to your needs.

Share-A-Cart+ is an optional subscription that amplifies your online shopping experience while preserving all the features you already appreciate. It's not a replacement but an enhancement, taking what you love about online shopping and elevating it to new heights. With an upgrade to Share-A-Cart+, you'll unlock an entirely new realm of cart management efficiency. Unleash the power of intuitive, intelligent, and innovative cart management with Share-A-Cart+.

Share-A-Cart+ is still baking in the oven. We're working hard to bring it to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and sign up to be notified when its ready.

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