Finally, iOS availability for Share-A-Cart!

Shared on 25 October 2021, by Felix

We're happy to announce that the Share-A-Cart experience is now available on iOS. With Apple's latest innovation in iOS 15 we are now able to deliver cart creation and sharing in Mobile Safari on both iPhone and iPad devices. This is especially exciting since so many users have been asking us for just this functionality. In short, anything that you can do with the Share-A-Cart add-on for Chrome and other desktop browsers can now be done in Mobile Safari thanks to extension support.

Let's review what the flow is like using as an example. First, download the extension from the App Store — you can search for "Share-A-Cart", or click this link. Then, say you found a bunch of nice pieces to make up an outfit and you'd like to share it with your friends. Just make a cart with those items as you normally would while shopping. Once you're done, scroll down on the page slightly to bring up the Safari address bar and click on the left side where you see a puzzle piece icon. (If you don't see the icon, fear not. Tap on the "aA" which will bring up a menu with an item that reads "Manage Extensions". Tap on that and toggle Share-A-Cart on.) This will slide up a menu which will have a button for "Share-A-Cart". Once you tap it, another menu will slide up with two options, "Create Cart ID" and "Receive Cart". Tap on the first one and give the extension half a second to do its thing. At the end of that process you'll get a 5-character code which now represents your cart. No logins, no email or phone number to enter. Just your cart so you can share it. You can tap to "Copy Code" and send it in your favorite chat app or via email.

Your recipients will need to follow the same process to get the extension and activate it. Then, once they bring it up, they'll tap on "Receive Cart" instead and put in the code you sent them. This will load a copy of your cart into their cart. Remember, they don't need to open before attempting to load the cart. Now they can check out your chic finds and buy some or all of them if they like. Below is a little video of Share-A-Cart in action.

It's that simple.

We can't wait to get your feedback on this new feature of Share-A-Cart.

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