Share-A-Cart for Your Store, a Shopify App for Shopify Store Owners

Shared on 31 January 2023, by Mike

Share-A-Cart has been the leading solution for shopping sharing and recommendation for several years. Today we extend out market reach to include Shopify integration. Since inception Share-A-Cart has focused on making it easy for parents, teachers, experts, influencers and just friends share lists of products they recommend to be purchased as a set. We help people start a hobby, build a project, dress to impress and shop with purpose. One of many uses of Share-A-Cart includes charitable organizations, like soup kitchens, creating grocery lists that donors then purchase for them. The list of supported vendors has been growing apace from just Amazon to over a hundred today. We've seen explosive growth last year and with it many requests from users, vendors, and partners.

With that, we're now fully integrated with Shopify storefronts opening the ease of sharing complete lists quickly and accurately to thousands of small business and individual creators.

Share-A-Cart for Your Store enables store administrators to seamlessly add a way for shoppers to share the entire contents of their cart with friends, family or blog audience. Once the Shopify App is installed on the store, without any configuration, it will provide an option to users viewing the cart page to share it – instantly creating a link they can put in an email or text message, add to their blog or social media post, etc. Recipients of this link are taken to the Share-A-Cart landing page for the list from which, with a single click, they can proceed to add all the items together into their own cart and be ready to check-out immediately. Store owners can of course use this functionality in their own marketing content as well. Some of the ways we've seen Share-A-Cart being used has been to share a whole look as a cart containing elements of an outfit that a fashion blogger considers trendy. Similarly a collection of makeup products to go along with a how-to video.

We're excited to offer this functionality on Shopify to level the playing field for small businesses when they compete with giant multinationals. Now a viral look from a fashion influencer can be easily bought thousands of times with a single link. Hobby instructors can share a collection of item necessary to start something new or finish a project. Share-A-Cart drives revenue of your store by helping motivated fans share multiple items that are immediately ready for purchase.

Install the Share-A-Cart for Your Store external link from the Shopify app store now. Search for it there or simply follow the link. If you have feedback or questions, reach out to us. We built this product to help you grow and we're here to support you. The Share-A-Cart for Your Store also works together with the Share-A-Cart browser plugin – available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Happy Sharing!

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