A Guide to Sharing Your Cart with Share-A-Cart as an Influencer or Creator

Shared on 20 March 2022, by Felix

As a creator, you’re often managing your entire brand, content, and effectively everything else all on your own. Videos can take endless hours editing, creating, and recording. Share-A-Cart is here to try to make at least the small things a little more simple for creators and influencers.

Share-A-Cart isn’t just for when you want to share your Target birthday wishlist with your loved ones, your Instacart grocery list with your roommate, or an IKEA furniture list with your partner. We’ve found that some of our best uses are specifically for influencers and creators!

Maybe you’re looking to share the materials for your latest DIY project on a retro kitchen floor, a beginner’s crochet guide on frogs, or your grocery list for your favorite fancy dinner recipe. Or, maybe you’re looking to share the items from your everyday makeup routine, your favorite Spring outfits, or your at-home gel nail favorites. These are all real ways in which we’ve had creators use Share-A-Cart, just over the past few months!

With Share-A-Cart, you don’t have to place down ten or twenty links in a description. Instead, you can just have one link that holds all the items you want to share with your followers! It even makes it easier for them, because they can just add the whole list at once without clicking every individual link. They can also edit the item list before they add everything to their own cart. Not only that, but with Share-A-Cart, there’s even a way to preserve any affiliate tags and commissions you have with a retailer.

Here’s just a few examples of videos from creators who have used Share-A-Cart, and you can check out their descriptions for the links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXov99ZNUZw, https://youtu.be/vDQns0qge1Y, or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp40jTwU3f8

Step 1

To make your cart, all you have to do is download the Share-A-Cart extension. If you’re worried about a retailer not being supported by our extension, you can check the list of supported stores on our website. Or, if you already have the extension, just open your chosen retailer and click on the extension, and it’ll tell you whether or not that retailer is supported. If they’re not, you can fill out a form to suggest them, and we’ll do our best to make sure they’re in our next update.

Step 2

Once you’re all set, go to your favorite retailer and start putting the items in your cart like you normally would. When your cart is filled up with the items you’ve chosen, all you need to do is click the extension and ‘Create Cart ID’. This will give you a five digit alphanumerical code for your cart. Or, if you click ‘Share’, it’ll then give you a link you can place in your video descriptions to share your cart!

Step 3

You can password protect your cart by adding #password after the 5 letter cart code at the end of the "Create a Cart" link. For example: https://share-a-cart.com/make/AKGUX#password. Then, scroll down to the bottom and type in your chosen password. Finally, click ‘Save Edit’. Now, your normal link is password protected and the official list can’t be changed by anyone but you!

Step 4

You can also add your affiliate tags on your own by putting ‘?tag=AFFILTAG’ at the end of the link. For example: https://share-a-cart.com/get/AKGUX?tag=amazon_affil-20. To find your affiliate tag, check your affiliate program’s page at your chosen retailer. Then, just replace ‘AFFILTAG’ with your official affiliate code.

And you’re all set!

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