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Improving roommate relations

Shared on 20 July 2020

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A few weeks ago I sent a feature request to the Share-A-Cart team. We had a useful conversation about how this website helps me and my roommates manage our house, and afterward the guys at "Share-A-Cart" asked me to write a guest blog post, I was excited to take the opportunity.

Hi, I'm Brian and my roommates and I use Share-A-Cart to manage shared shopping lists for groceries and household items. As you know, it is impossible to just share your cart – the only way Amazon provides is a wish list page, which is not quite the same as sending Amazon cart to someone.

My college buddy and I rent a house together. It's a large two bedroom and it is big enough to accommodate both of us and my buddy's girlfriend. We've been here a little over a year since graduating. Ever since we became roommates, we take turns stocking the pantry and the "janitor closet". I'd rather not talk about our eating habits, but I'd like to share how "Share-A-Cart" helps us with what's otherwise an annoying chore. Once a month one of us, we alternate, does a thorough walk-through of the house to see what we're missing or what we're running low on. This list generally ends up with various things like soap, dishwasher detergent, paper towels and so on. I made a sample list for you guys to take a look at below.

Once this process is complete we circulate the list amongst ourselves and once we all agree on what's needed in the house, one of us will place the order. With Share-A-Cart this process is much easier because the website will add all the items off the list to my cart and all I have to do is just complete the checkout process. Nothing is missing this way and nothing is ordered incorrectly. We do something similar for groceries too. We have a pretty good selection where we live from Amazon Fresh.

I hope this was helpful to you guys and maybe it shows another way for Share-A-Cart to be useful and helpful that you didn't consider before.

* Share-A-Cart may earn a commission from the sale.

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