Introducing List Export

Shared on 11 March 2023, by Mike

Share-A-Cart is all about sharing store carts and shopping lists. You can already share a shopping list created from vendor with a single click with our extension or by using the product search feature on our website. We also have integration with Shopify which adds a button straight to the check out flow for you to share your haul with friends.

Today we're adding an often-requested sharing feature – cart export to Excel. To export a list load it on the website, for example: AKGUX. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "List Actions" button. This will expand into several items including "Export". Click export and you'll get an Excel spreadsheet with the contents of the cart including information about the items in it. The exported file will contain the vendor item id, item title, quantity and price. There will also be a link to the item on the vendor site.

The exported file will contain list information as well, thinks like Share-A-Cart list id and title. Some of these attributes can be edited. The "List Actions" menu also contains an "Edit" button. Clicking on it presents a page that allows modification of list title and item presence and quantity. There is also a new Note field which could be useful for tracking of purchase order information or similar details in a company context. Another feature worth highlighting, though it is not new, is the ability to password protect to the list. This will prevent further modifications of the list unless the correct password is given. Keep in mind that the password cannot be changed or recovered once it is set.

We've gotten many requests to add the list export and notes features from our corporate and association users. We anticipate it being useful for companies, schools and other organizations tracking inventory and procurement. This list export feature is available for popular retailers and grocers such as Amazon, SHEIN, Target, Kroger, Walmart, and all other supported vendors. As always if you have an idea for a feature or feedback on the existing Share-A-Cart product, do let us know. We love hearing from our users wether they have positive things to say or to share frustrations with us.

Happy Sharing!

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