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MacBook Pro 16 Daily Carry

Shared on 02 May 2020, by topsharer

We wrote about the then-new MacBook Pro 16" when it came out originally. There was news of a mid-cycle upgrade some days ago and after reviewing the original list we realized that we actually use a somewhat different collection of accessories.

There are a couple of adapters, chances are you still have USB-A devices and we also need an HDMI port for presentations. A spare charger is always helpful along with an extra power cable. Strangely the 1m USB-C cable is more expensive than the 2m cable, at the time of writing, so we included the longer one. Native union makes a luxurious case for this Mac and it's very tight fitting where most other sleeves have so much room that the laptop bounces around inside. There is a matching iPhone case and a cable pouch. While the phone case is definitely nice, the cable pouch is a bit small for our needs and we prefer the one from Peak Design. Another constant companion is an SSD drive from Samsung in fire-alarm red.

If you need it, Apple still makes a DVD drive. Peak Design makes a top-notch backpack for this laptop, but that's not how we travel.

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