Must-Have Tools You'll Need as a Lifestyle Creator and Lifestyle Influencer

Shared on 13 May 2022, by Rowan

Lifestyle videos particularly are a very popular category across basically social media, or so they definitely thought. You can guarantee that almost every kind of top creator on Youtube has, at some point, made a video concerning their lifestyle in some form or another. Some specifically have even literally gained their audience and popularity as Youtubers solely through creating lifestyle content!

You may have considered becoming a lifestyle video creator and lifestyle influencer at some point. But, it can be tricky to know how to approach it and frame your videos around your daily life! It is important to remember if you want to become a lifestyle creator that there can be a difference between your actual daily life, and the life you show. Maybe you want to portray a person who does two hours of yoga a day and reads three books, instead of a workaholic or a couch potato. Maybe you want to show off how to make a three-hour dinner recipe when the reality is that most days, you just want to make pizza rolls. Whatever it is, it’s okay: getting into the lifestyle space can be intimidating. It’s important to remember you don’t have to be exactly the type of person your videos portray, but it’s also okay to sometimes show some vulnerability to your audience on a bad day. You can definitely show your audience there is a human being in these videos who is not completely perfect, who does have bad days.

As a lifestyle influencer, there are some specific tools you will need. Of course not everything you'll need is a thing that can be purchased. Professionalism for example, which is generally a really important aspect of being an influencer and creator. Mean comments are common on the internet, but it can feel particularly hurtful when it’s a comment on a video about your lifestyle. Do your best not to engage with these comments, because acknowledging online trolling will never have a good result.

If you’re looking to start your journey on becoming a lifestyle creator, but you are unsure of exactly what equipment you will need to start, here are some key tools and equipment you will need. Buy all recommended items here.


If you are getting into becoming a lifestyle influencer, you will want to explore moving graphics and professional-looking transitions that can contribute to whatever type of lifestyle videos you are creating. Canva is a fantastic tool for lifestyle influencers because you can use it on any social media platform to create eye-catching graphics. They have endless, beautiful templates that are easy to use and very customizable.

Ring Light with Tripod

When you first start making lifestyle videos, a tripod is a terrific item to have in your toolkit. When making lifestyle videos, you never want to appear out of focus or have your camera shaking around! This specific tripod is a great choice because if you are new to being a lifestyle influencer, you may not have the budget or desire to buy an expensive camera. This tripod can adjust to hold almost any size smartphone (with or without a case), and its durability ensures that your phone will not fall out at any point in the recording. The tripod is light and sturdy, yet it folds up small enough to fit almost anywhere.

If you’re filming lifestyle content, you want to make sure you have the best lighting available (especially if you are filming makeup videos or anything that requires a close-up)! You may not be able to constantly film in the best natural lighting possible, and you probably don’t have a full lighting kit available yet. Ring lights are a great, cheap option to provide high-quality lighting for lifestyle influencers and creators. With the ring light on this tripod, you will easily be able to adjust your lighting to best suit you. This specific ring light features a high sensitivity touch panel design that gives you the opportunity to easily adjust 3 different color modes (cool white, warm yellow, and daylight). It also has 10 varying degrees of brightness so you will be able to adjust it however you want.

Additionally, if you don’t want to be constantly reaching over to start or stop your recording, this tripod comes with a small Bluetooth remote which gives you the opportunity to start recording from a distance. This is especially great if you are filming a workout or cooking video of some sort. Best of all, it doesn’t require any odd apps to be downloaded with it.


As a lifestyle influencer, you will likely find yourself often having to organize the endless list of products and items you show and use in your videos. Some lifestyle influencers even go so far as to create whole spreadsheets to try and keep track of every item and link that they put into their description. Whether you are listing your daily recording equipment or your nighttime skincare routine, Share-A-Cart can help make this process much faster and easier for you. With Share-A-Cart, you will be able to avoid having to keep track of every item in your video. Share-A-Cart allows you to share your entire shopping cart from your chosen retailer, like Amazon or Shein, in just one link. You can also, therefore, avoid listing the name of every single item you link because any individual items will show up with their title and image in the Share-A-Cart link. Being a lifestyle influencer can be a lot of work since you are handling everything yourself, from creating to editing. Share-A-Cart goes out of its way to at least make one part of the process easier. It’s free to use You don't have to put ten or twenty links in a description with Share-A-Cart. Instead, create a single link that contains all of the items you wish to share with your followers!

You can also add your affiliate tags on your own by putting ‘?tag=AFFILTAG’ at the end of the link. To find your affiliate tag, check your affiliate program’s page at your chosen retailer. Then, just replace ‘AFFILTAG’ with your official affiliate code. Here are some great examples of creator made carts: Embroidery Starter Kit, All about Jerry Cans.

Waterproof Pouch for Video Equipment B079HV3TC9

As a lifestyle influencer, it is important to always throw in some variety and get creative with your videos. If you’re interested in making lifestyle videos while traveling, or just recording part of a swim, fishing, or surfing session, it is important to be prepared! You don’t want to end up with your phone or camera in the water, and then end up having to hope that bowl of rice is enough to save it for another day. This large waterproof pouch is great for phones up to 7 inches, and it’s certifiably waterproof. It also comes with a detachable lanyard, so you can easily hang it on yourself and record a first-person perspective of your swim or your beach day!

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