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Semi-pro iPhone photography

Shared on 28 April 2020, by topsharer

iPhone photography advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several generations. iPhone 11 is the most popular phone at shopper central. For most of us phones have replaced the stand-alone camera. We do miss the clarity and image quality of bigger lenses though. Clearly there are size limitations to what Apple can put onto the phone itself, but several manufacturers sprung up to create products for this exact niche. Among them a stand out is Moment. Their product range has grown as has their popularity. They make cases for the most popular phones on the market and certainly all the recent iPhone models. The lenses come in a few flavors from telephoto to wide angle, to fish-eye and the pièce de résistance – an anamorphic wide-angle lens. Sure you can take pictures with it, but where it shines is video. The results with this glass are stunning rivaling those of cinematic cameras. One nice thing also is that the case that is required to attach these to the phone body comes with a lanyard hole – super useful. There is of course a matching strap. Happy snapping!

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