Share-A-Cart adds support for Kroger grocery list creation

Shared on 7 April 2021, by Felix

Today we want to announce expanded support for Kroger shopping on Share-A-Cart. The Share-A-Cart extension has had support for this larger grocer for some time. Today we're adding functionality on the website to allow you to create and edit shopping carts directly on

It's easy to get lost in the list of supported vendors. Between various Share-A-Cart products there are more than 50 on-line stores already functional, 14 of which are grocery stores. Adding Kroger lets us address a frequent user request. On-line grocery shopping has exploded in popularity over the last year. While we had support for several grocers already, adding Kroger allows us to serve several regions of the US where this company has greater presence compared to some of their competition.

We always aim to create a useful product that is respectful of our users' privacy. We solicit and implement feedback from our install base. We never track your usage, participate in advertising networks or otherwise sell the data. If you have suggestions, please reach out.

Let's talk about how one might create a Kroger cart on our website. Head over the Make a new list page, select Kroger from the vendor dropdown and search for your favorite items. Add these items to your list as you go along and once done, click on "Save List". We recommend that you also name your list to make it easier to identify later. Once you get a link, you can share it. Whoever ends up purchasing the contents of your list will need to have a Kroger account and the Share-A-Cart extension installed. Below is a sample list of some of our favorite every-day groceries.

Thank you for using Share-a-Cart.

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