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Shared on 30 July 2021, by Felix

SHEIN exploded onto the Western fashion retail in the last few years after being in operation in China for some time. You know that because SHEIN is the absolute place for trendy, affordable women's fashion pieces. While there is a heavy debate over how to actually pronounce the name of the company (although there shouldn't be, it is literally just "she + in") there is a new technology coupled with this website that has made it convenient and easy to share an up-to-date wardrobe. Introducing Share-A-Cart embeddable widgets!

Share-A-Cart has made creating and sharing your look easier than ever with its new "embed list" feature. We all know the drill - you have an outfit that’s super cute and people want to know where you got each and every piece. Instead of listing out each thing individually, or sending readers to 12 different places just to emulate one look, the embed list option gives them the choice to put all of the items from your list into their cart at once.

Make no mistake, shoppers still have the final say over what they exactly purchase from their cart. However, with this new embed list feature, they can easily import a whole outfit, similar pieces, or a new look all together at one time. This makes things really easy for shoppers and is super user-friendly, especially for people new to fashion who may not have as much experience with accessorizing and putting pieces together into a complete outfit.

As an influencer, using this feature is incredibly simple and helps grow your audience. First, you make a list of all the items that you want to group together and put them into your own SHEIN shopping cart. This is where your creativity shines through! Collect cute, trendy pieces that make a gorgeous outfit. Find accessories, shoes, hair pieces, etc - this feature lets you plan out every detail! After you know what you want on your list and have placed it into your cart, open Share-A-Cart plugin and click “Create Cart ID”. From there, after you see the newly created cart code, you should click share. When you get to the share page, there will be an option to "embed list" on the bottom of your item list. Clicking on this will give you a code that you can add directly into your website!

You can use this feature wherever you promote your blog. Add it to your social media pages, your website, even your Instagram. The possibilities are endless and give you new outlets to help share your looks and to grow your brand and reputation as a fashionista. Gone are the days of creating lists by hand, and taking the time to hunt down annoying and tedious links to every item in your wardrobe just to list them out.

If you're like me and aren't incredibly tech-savvy, you can rest easy knowing that Share-A-Cart has staff on hand to answer all of your questions and to help you embed your links seamlessly. They are here to smooth over any technical issues you may run into while using Share-A-Cart list embed and to make your life easier in general!

With this feature, you can share your whole look in a click of a button. And when you realize how easy it is, you'll want to share more and more! Think of all of the outfit of the day posts that you can put together quickly and easily using this function. This will help you create more content in less time, be even more relatable to your readers, and to overall grow your band and empire.

If you are a budding blogger, this is the perfect way to get your foot in the door. With SHEIN’s competitive prices and wide selection, you can put together affordable looks in the blink of an eye, and your readers will surely appreciate it! It is as simple as seeing a photo of an outfit that they like or want to emulate, clicking on the embedded link function, adding all of the pieces to their cart, sifting through what they actually want to buy from the list, and then purchasing these items!

To make one thing extremely clear, there is NO obligation associated with these lists. Just because you've added a list with 20 items does not mean your reader has to buy all of these items by clicking on the link. Instead, the link will add all of the items to their SHEIN cart so that they can sift through and decide what they want. If they already have a similar piece to something on your list, no problem! They can simply remove it as they would any other item they no longer want in their cart. Deleting an item is literally as easy as a click of a button, and buyers will not feel obligated to purchase things they do not truly want.

Here's an example! Check out this super cute dress, that pairs perfectly with these shoes and this necklace. With the Share-A-Cart feature, you can get all of these items together in a single list, instead of having to hunt down three individual links.

This new feature from Share-A-Cart is the absolute future of digital marketing, influencing and blogging. Share-A-Cart made it easier than ever before to connect to your fan base and to create more and more content that your readers will love. In summary, it helps readers import an entire list of the pieces that you've selected, add these items to their cart, and allow them to pick and choose which ones they actually want to purchase. This plugin is a huge benefit to you and to everyone consuming your content. And if you have any questions, concerns or issues along the way, Share-A-Carts team of tech experts is there to help you ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. If you have not already, check out the Share-A-Cart website for more details about the embed list feature, and start using it today!

And here is what the embedded widget looks like.

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