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SKIL with more power

Shared on 12 September 2020

We caved to our caveman tendencies. After looking at the SKIL 12V cordless tool range, let's explore what the company has on offer with their more powerful 20V range. We're starting with a similar, but stronger (and somewhat more expensive) drill and driver set. The drill alone is just 30$ cheaper (at the time of writing), so it makes sense to pick up an extra tool. At 20V, an angle grinder is an option, as is a sander. In general the 20V range has a much broader selection that also includes a planer, a vacuum and a beefier tire inflator.

We closed out the list with a selection of saws and batteries with an extra charger. Bigger jobs will go quicker without swapping batteries between tools as much, and worse yet, running out of power.

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