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The best bike pumps

Shared on 17 August 2020

We've been biking a lot lately, we've even upgraded our bikes a bit. A few days ago we were disappointed to find out that the floor-standing pump gave out. That's fine, it was an old one anyway, but it's kind of a necessity now to have a pump around. So we looked at a several options for replacement.

One pump came recommended – Topeak Joe Blow. It's around 50$ at the time of writing, has lots of plastic parts and tops out at 160psi (11-bar). This is fine. This option is good enough if you're looking to top up mountain or fat-bike tires. Those run relatively low pressure. It'll be good for hybrid bikes which get to 80 psi and some road bikes too.

But! LEZYNE Steel Drive for not too many dollars more is all metal and has a higher pressure limit. This pump will do anything from a children's bike to a 25,000$ carbon/titanium road rocket. While we don't have anything remotely that high-performance, the quality construction is definitely appreciated. If you love the design, there is also a very sleek and capable CNC Travel Drive. It's quite a bit more money and has a shorter hose.

For ourselves we went with the Micro Floor Drive. It's compact enough to carry, will handle medium-to-high pressure with a 160 psi ceiling and has a lengthy hose with an integrated gauge. Whatever pump you go with, definitely get one with a gauge and follow tire instructions for proper pressure. Oh, and one more thing, if you have other inflation needs, we'd recommend a needle set so you can pump up balls, balloons and other things of this nature.

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