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The shallow-fry list

Shared on 21 May 2020, by topsharer

We'll be the first to admit our addiction to kitchen gadgets, we have lots of articles that demonstrate this. When Philips introduced the Air Fryer originally, some years ago, you bet we got one. That line of devices has evolved over time. There are now many more accessories, the fryer comes in several different capacities. Keep that in mind when ordering accessories and make sure they will fit the oven you have.

Speaking of ovens. The magic the Air Fryer purports to execute is "deep-frying" with out a boiling vat of oil. Not only is it safer, but also healthier. However, if you consider how this machine works, you'll realized that it's a special-purposes convection oven and if you prefer the versatility and design of a conventional toaster oven instead, there are great options that cost less. Here's an oven from Cuisineart which is convection and has a broiler and if you prefer digital controls, there is an oven with an LCD from Cosori.

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