Top 3 Crochet Amigurumi Projects for Beginners

Shared on 05 June 2022, by Rowan

Amigurumi are great projects for crochet beginners. On top of being straightforward to make and needing only super basic stitches, they’re also fairly similar to construction with one another. This allows for an easy assembly, no matter how new you are to crocheting. Amigurumi are also just cute in general, they’re visually appealing with their colorful nature, and they are super fun to cuddle and hold. Amigurumi crochet projects have been gaining popularity across the west over the past few years for all of the above reasons. They’re a wonderful way to start your beginner journey to crochet!

If you don’t know what amigurumi is, it is the Japanese Japanese technique of knitting or crocheting miniature, filled yarn creatures. The term is a combination of the Japanese words ami, which means "crocheted or knitted," and kurumi, which means "wrapped," as in nuigurumi, "stuffed doll." Amigurumi come in a variety of sizes, and there are no constraints on size or appearance. This makes it a fun, creative project for beginners just getting into crochet.

So, why choose crochet over knitting? Well, Crocheting gives you a knobby, thick texture, whereas knitting produces a finer, smoother fabric. The most significant difference, though, is in the fabric's stretch quality. Crochet produces a great tight weave for amigurumi, but there is very little elasticity, so you’re not at risk of overstretching your new project very easily.

If you are interested in creating amigurumi as a beginner crochet artist, then continue to read and learn more about some of the best projects we recommend to get you started! We will also be listing out exactly what you need for every project, so you do not need to worry about buying the wrong yarn. All of the patterns below are completely free to use, too! We hope this helps make your crochet journey more fun and straightforward, and that you develop a love for amigurumi just like us!

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Mini Dinosaur Amigurumi

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Who doesn’t love a cute dinosaur? Especially when they’re oh so soft, cuddly, and your favorite color! We’ve all had our dinosaur phases in life – whether you were a five year old obsessed with the notion of these giant creatures who walked the earth millions of years ago, a teenager who is head over heels for the Jurassic World movies, or an adult who can’t resist the call of the dinosaur exhibit in a museum. So, what’s a better project for beginners to crochet than a cute little dinosaur?

This dinosaur will also get you started on the basics of crochet, and those skills will be transferable over time to more complex projects. It’s a great project if you’re a beginner at crochet because you won’t find yourself getting overly frustrated halfway through and giving up. It isn’t too big to be confusing, but it also isn’t small enough to feel insignificant. The round shape of the dinosaur, combined with the small details, provides you with a great foundation to start with learning crocheting. Once you’ve accomplished this dinosaur, you will definitely feel pride in accomplishing your creation of your sweet, new friend.

All you will need for this beginner amigurumi dinosaur project are two different colored, worsted weight skeins of Cotton DK Yarn – we recommend this pretty light mint one and this bright apple green one. You will also need a 3mm cotton hook, some stitch markers for crocheting, and toy stuffing!

Click for the pattern.

Jumbo Bee Amigurumi for Beginners

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Bees: they make our lives so much better, they sweeten our world with their honey, and they pollinate our crops and flowers! What’s not to love? While we wouldn’t recommend you go out and pet a bee to show your love and appreciation for all their hard work (both for your sake and the sake of the bee), this project is a great way to show off your love for bees. Also, unlike regular bees, you can hug this giant bee all you want without getting stung. Bees are also super adorable and their color scheme is recognizable from a mile away, so there won’t be any questions about what your final project is even if there are some issues.

Simple shapes may have a jumbo impact (forgive the wordplay) when you’re making amigurumi projects, no matter how experienced you are! With this huge bee, you can definitely see the perfect exhibit of this principle in its application. The pattern is straightforward and easy for beginners, but that does not make it any less impressive. The blanket yarn used in this amigurumi makes the finished project big enough to be used as a small pillow or headrest, and also very nice to cuddle and hug.

For this project, you will need a 10mm Clover Armour Crochet Hook, Clover Patchwork mini scissors, Jumbo Locking Stitch Markers, Jumbo Tapestry Needle, stuffing, and size 24mm safety eyes. You will also need a skein of jumbo-sized chenille yarn in yellow, black, and white. You’ll also need some yarn in pink and black for the details of the bee!

Find the pattern can be found here.

1UP Mushroom from Super Mario World

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Even if you have never played it, you’re probably still aware of Mario – that’s just how well-known this beloved Nintendo character is! These 1UP mushrooms are a great beginner amigurumi project for any lovers of fungi or Mario. It’s an easy beginner crochet project that can also be stored on a shelf for display due to its small size.

For this beginner amigurumi crochet project, you will need a 1.25mm Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook, a skein of white yarn, a skein of green yarn, sewing needles, and stuffing. It is super easy to make and a great crochet project if you are a nerd for Mario or just a person with a love of mushrooms. It’s also super customizable in terms of color! It can also be a great gift for any Nintendo fans or kids in your life.

The pattern can be found here.

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