Top 5 Free Tools for Youtube Creators

Shared on 17 April 2022, by Rowan

There's no denying the effect of visual content. It’s much more effectively engaging with your audience, and the effects are enhanced when the content is in the form of video. Video allows emotions to be conveyed easily, so your audience will find you more relatable.

Even as the biggest online video platform in the world, Youtube still continues to rise. Whether you’re a brand new video creator or you’ve been making content for the past decade, it can still be a tricky path to navigate. Youtube changes with the internet, and the internet’s interests seem to change every five minutes. It can be hard enough keeping track of what these interests are, much less constantly trying to think of new content that still matches your style.

Being a Youtuber, regardless of your channel’s size, can often feel like a full-time job. You not only have to think of new content and create it, but you’re also in charge of marketing your channel, working with brands, editing your content, scripting it, etc. You work as a creator, a writer, an editor, and so much more. When you’re a new creator looking for ways to make a video and start your Youtube channel, the process can seem especially daunting when you realize all of the parts that come into play. It can be really intimidating!

Many hope to achieve a dream of Youtube fame, but it can be hard to balance the many plates that being a creator requires. Your Youtube journey won’t necessarily be easy, but we’ve put together a list of 5 top free tools for Youtube creators. These tools will help you with marketing, video creating, thumbnail creation, and so much more. Read our guide below to start your journey and let us help you with how to make a youtube video!


Canva is a great tool for Youtubers, whether you’re learning how to make a video, or you’re an experienced video creator. Your thumbnail, your banner, and even your profile picture are all a major part of your brand on Youtube. Your thumbnail is one of the first two things new viewers see, alongside your title. If you’re not an experienced graphic designer (which most of us aren’t), eye-catching thumbnails can be even more intimidating to make than the video itself. Luckily, Canva’s got you covered and it’s chock full of templates to make it easier for you.

Canva also offers a video editing tool. If you’re new to making videos on Youtube and still learning the ins and outs of what ‘flows’, these templates can be super helpful! Their video editing tools are easy to use, so it’s great if you’re a beginner or if you’re just looking to cut down editing time so you can focus on other aspects of creating.


As a creator, whether new or experienced, you're always looking to try and improve your marketing skills. Youtube is used by so many brands, and influencer marketing is bigger than ever as a market! If you’re new to Youtube and making videos, you might be struggling with the marketing side of it. If you’re an experienced creator, you could just be looking for a way to make marketing easier. Rather than focusing on the number of subscribers or views, Vidiq specifically prioritizes tags, how long viewers watched your video, and re-shares on other social media sites.

Vidiq is a great, free tool to help improve your video’s reach. It provides keyword research, which is useful for getting the hang of SEO and making it more straightforward. It also lets you monitor real-time stats for your videos so you can keep track of how they’re performing. Additionally, it can help you compare your stats with other Youtubers in your category, which is helpful to let you try and understand what you can be improving on.


If you’re a Youtube creator who often finds themselves linking items in their descriptions, Share-A-Cart is definitely the tool for you. It can be annoying to organize all of your links in your description after spending hours upon hours trying to make the video itself, or if you don’t tag the links, having to answer a dozen comments on where to get the items you’re using/wearing in your video. You don't have to put ten or twenty links in a description with Share-A-Cart. Instead, create a single link that contains all of the items you wish to share with your followers!

Whether you’re sharing a link to historical jerry cans, this month’s reading list, or your favorite art supplies, Share-A-Cart is the tool for you. Best of all, you can also add your affiliate tags on your own by putting ‘?tag=AFFILTAG’ at the end of the link. To find your affiliate tag, check your affiliate program’s page at your chosen retailer. Then, just replace ‘AFFILTAG’ with your official affiliate code. Here are some great examples of creator-made carts. This one is from Pita Chan who put together a collection of suggestions in this video. Here's another from Calum for his amazing Jerry Cans video.


Animation is a great way to keep your videos from getting monotonous or to make them look more polished! However, if you’re not a professional, it can definitely seem a little intimidating. Biteable makes animation easy for everyone, especially if you’re looking to make your Youtube videos more professional, or just explore your video-making style as a Youtube creator. With tons of beautiful templates, straightforward customization options, and fonts, Biteable is a great tool for new and old Youtubers.


Your video’s headline is one of the most important pieces that will make people want to watch your video. It can also, frankly, be puzzling to write. Coschedule makes the process easy by asking you for your first draft of a headline and then showing you how you can improve by emphasizing the most important parts of your headline. It also provides key insights like reading level and a total score that analyzes the effectiveness of your headline’s keywords (such as how emotional, common, or uncommon they are). Additionally, when you’re trying to create new content and videos on a schedule, it can be tough to keep track of everything. Coschedule is an awesome tool for creators who want to organize their time because it allows you to set up a free marketing calendar and easily keep track of your content-making process.

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