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Shared on 2 January 2023, by Ed

The last time we published a year-end review was in 2020. We have seen tremendous growth since then and could not have achieved this without your continued support. Thank you!

Key Stats and Trends

Yearly Usage

That’s 10X growth in number of carts (we rounded, but only slightly), 30X growth in cart items, and 500X growth in the number of retailers we support.

And how much are you all spending? Well, a lot more than two years ago! In fact, total cart value grew 20X to nearly $160M in 2022.

Retailer Growth

It’s been a great year for Walmart. In 2020, a big portion of the carts we saw came from Amazon, but that has flipped completely. Because of the COVID pandemic, consumers started buying groceries online in droves. And even though we are past that stage, the change has been sticky. Consumers are now more comfortable doing their food shopping online. This is the reason for much of this Walmart growth. Kroger and Amazon’s food retailers also made the list for the same reason.

Top Retailers by # of Carts Shared

Walmart also leads Amazon in # of items shared:

Who’s Buying What?

Our users are interested in a wide variety of goods in the carts they share. Our fastest growing categories in 2022 were fashion, kids, and crafts.

New Capabilities

We added many features to Share-A-Cart to make it easier for you to use and for you to save:

We’re on task for even more in 2023!

Thanks again for your continued support. In 2023, we will double down on our mission to make shopping even more fun and easy for you. We love feedback, so feel free to drop us a line any time, or schedule a chat with us directly for even more details.

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