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Coming soon: Share-A-Cart+

Shared on 6 June 2023, by Mike

We are proud to unveil Share-A-Cart+, a convenient, subscription-based solution that outperforms conventional cart management and organization. This innovative platform doesn't merely manage your online shopping; it enhances the entire experience by adding a wealth of features meticulously designed to simplify and enrich your e-commerce activities.

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Introducing List Export

Shared on 11 March 2023, by Mike

Share-A-Cart is all about sharing store carts and shopping lists. You can already share a shopping list created from vendor with a single click with our extension or by using the product search feature on our website. We also have integration with Shopify which adds a button straight to the check out flow for you to share your haul with friends.

Today we're adding an often-requested sharing feature – cart export to Excel. To export a list load it on the website, for example: AKGUX. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "List Actions" button. This will expand into several items including "Export". Click export and you'll get an Excel spreadsheet with the contents of the cart including information about the items in it. The exported file will contain the vendor item id, item title, quantity and price. There will also be a link to the item on the vendor site.

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Share-A-Cart for Your Store, a Shopify App for Shopify Store Owners

Shared on 31 January 2023, by Mike

Share-A-Cart has been the leading solution for shopping sharing and recommendation for several years. Today we extend out market reach to include Shopify integration via our new Shopify app — Share-A-Cart for Your Store external link. Since inception Share-A-Cart has focused on making it easy for parents, teachers, experts, influencers and just friends share lists of products they recommend to be purchased as a set. We help people start a hobby, build a project, dress to impress and shop with purpose. One of many uses of Share-A-Cart includes charitable organizations, like soup kitchens, creating grocery lists that donors then purchase for them. The list of supported vendors has been growing apace from just Amazon to over a hundred today. We've seen explosive growth last year and with it many requests from users, vendors, and partners.

With that, we're now fully integrated with Shopify storefronts opening the ease of sharing complete lists quickly and accurately to thousands of small business and individual creators.

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Thank You!

Shared on 2 January 2023, by Ed

The last time we published a year-end review was in 2020. We have seen tremendous growth since then and could not have achieved this without your continued support. Thank you!

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Share-A-Cart - Helping Teachers #ClearTheList

Shared on 24 June 2022, by Rowan

Summer is finally here! Students are heading out of schools and looking out to months of hot weather, no impending tests or homework, and what feels to many like endless time off to hang out with their friends. Right now, teachers all around the country are excited too, but many are getting hyped up for some slightly different reasons. Any and every educational professional can enjoy the glorious appeal of summer, but now that the spring semester is officially wrapped up, it is time to start preparing for the next school semester of 2022! A huge part of this, beyond the lesson planning and building curriculums, is classroom preparation. So right now, teachers around the country are prepping long lists of school supplies and materials for their classrooms.

Teachers have such a powerful impact on our students, and that’s why it’s so important we support them with the Clear the List movement. It can help take the strain off teachers, and allow them to focus on getting as much as possible of what they need for their classes.

Share-A-Cart is a great extension to make clearing the list for teachers a little easier. If you’re a teacher or educational professional trying to share items from a website without a wishlist function, or you are sending your school supplies list to local supporters of education, then extensions like Share-A-Cart can help you!

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What You Need to Paint with Watercolor: Best Watercolor Supplies for Beginners

Shared on 14 June 2022, by Rowan

If you don’t know exactly what watercolor is, often known as aquarelle, it is a painting technique in which pigments are suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolor refers to both the material and the finished piece of art. Watercolor works well with colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and ink for creating mixed media pieces. Watercolor is primarily used on paper. Watercolor paints are generally one of the better mediums for beginning painters because they are less expensive than other mediums, and easier to prepare and work with.

Painting with watercolors, on the other hand, might be challenging. It is a difficult medium to master, owing to its merciless and unpredictable nature. It can be very tough to repair mistakes because you cannot erase watercolors, and they are not opaque so painting over them is out of the question. If you layer too much, you might destroy your paper. In addition to this, its fluid nature makes it difficult to regulate.

However, it is exactly these characteristics that help make watercolor such an appealing medium to artists. Watercolor painting can be difficult to learn, but that is part of why it is such an intriguing medium. It is beautiful when layered correctly, and it has a stunning effect when you master it.

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