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Top 5 Free Tools for Youtube Creators

Shared on 17 April 2022, by Rowan

There's no denying the effect of visual content. It’s much more effectively engaging with your audience, and the effects are enhanced when the content is in the form of video. Video allows emotions to be conveyed easily, so your audience will find you more relatable.

Even as the biggest online video platform in the world, Youtube still continues to rise. Whether you’re a brand new video creator or you’ve been making content for the past decade, it can still be a tricky path to navigate. Youtube changes with the internet, and the internet’s interests seem to change every five minutes. It can be hard enough keeping track of what these interests are, much less constantly trying to think of new content that still matches your style.

Being a Youtuber, regardless of your channel’s size, can often feel like a full-time job. You not only have to think of new content and create it, but you’re also in charge of marketing your channel, working with brands, editing your content, scripting it, etc. You work as a creator, a writer, an editor, and so much more. When you’re a new creator looking for ways to make a video and start your Youtube channel, the process can seem especially daunting when you realize all of the parts that come into play. It can be really intimidating!

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First Aid Kits for Kids: 10 Items You Should Keep in Your Kids’ Medical Kit, from School Nurses

Shared on 11 April 2022, by Rowan

School nurses are a pillar in the educational community, and also a great resource for parents on kids' health. Providing first aid and taking care of your kids during minor emergencies is the main role of a school nurse. A school nurse’s daily work ranges with almost anything – whether they are checking for a concussion, providing allergy medication such as Epi-Pens, or simply getting some Neosporin and a bandaid on a scraped knee. They also help determine if your child is so ill that they need emergency medical attention, or maybe just the rest of the day at home.

School nurses are truly one of the best resources out there to help parents be aware of what the best medical supplies for kids are. It can be tricky to navigate what medical supplies for kids you should have at home constantly, to avoid having to pick them up when your child actually needs them. It can also be used as a guide for parents on medical supplies to bring with them when traveling with children.

Read more for a list of the medical supplies we have put together from school nurse recommendations on kids’ health kits! School nurses can even use this as a guide on what items to order during the back-to-school season.

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Projects on Robots for Kids - From Teachers to Parents

Shared on 06 April 2022, by Rowan

Robots have always been interesting to humans of all ages. But, more than ever before, kids are absolutely fascinated with the concept of robots – this is because nowadays, robotics is everywhere. From “robot cheetahs” to medical robots that save lives, we’ve made some incredible progress over the past few years. You can find awesome robots in almost every industry in the world! Robots for kids are more accessible than ever before, too. There’s no better time to help your kids explore their interests by starting to experiment with building robots at home. With a massive boost in STEM funding for schools across the country, robotics for kids clubs are becoming more widespread. Robotics is a good way to have your kids develop an interest in STEM too. You can find a robotics club at many elementary schools now, whereas it used to be reserved for older students like high schoolers. There are even more tools than ever before to help your kids learn to build robots at home!

Teachers who host robotics clubs highly recommend practicing at home. Building simple robotics projects in their own bedroom is a great way to further your children’s interest in robotics and STEM. It also lets you spend time bonding with your kids, help them begin to find their hobbies, and improve their engineering skills. It’s a ton of fun to create something out of their own hands! Building robots for kids is an awesome way to help your kids explore tactile engineering, and it’s an awesome, educational activity for the whole family. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 robotics projects for kids as recommended by teachers to parents. As a great tip for new robotics teachers as well, we recommend using Share-A-Cart to send lists of project supplies to parents! This will help them avoid any confusion regarding what to buy.

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Practical Tips for New Teachers, from Veteran Teachers

Shared on 29 March 2022, by Rowan

One of the most common concerns for new teachers is managing their classrooms. This concern comes hand-in-hand with worries about building relationships with their students, keeping on top of a busy schedule, and making sure they encourage a cooperative learning environment. After all, it’s a big responsibility – school is one of the most important formative places in children’s lives. Whether you’re a teacher for high school, middle school, elementary school, or kindergarten, this is a common concern for teachers everywhere.

According to many veteran teachers, classroom management strategies have to go beyond just educational concerns though. When you manage a classroom, the cooperative learning environment you create is affected by relationships with your students’ parents and your relationships with your students themselves. Your impact on this formative space is also affected by how you manage your time, and it really depends on making sure you are able to balance your personal life with your work.

This guide is designed with teaching tips in mind that not only directly encourage a cooperative learning environment, but also help make this formative time for new teachers easier too!

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Art Projects for Elementary School Students and Kindergarteners

Shared on 23 March 2022, by Rowan

And the Supplies You’ll Need for Them – Art Teachers

Art can have such a big impact on young kids; whether art is practiced at an after-school club, at home, or in school. It’s a tool for self-expression, a tool to develop and fine-tune their motor skills, a tool to inspire their creativity, but perhaps most importantly of all: it’s just plain fun! Art lets kids explore their creative kids and really lets their imaginations run wild. Even when younger kids are doing the same projects as each other in a group, they’re able to differentiate each of their individual pieces with their own unique styles. The art projects listed below are recommended by experienced art teachers!

It’s important, with any art project, to remember that there isn’t any ‘right’ way to make art. This is really important, especially for younger kids who can use art to explore their creative sides. There are so many areas, even in a child’s life, where their choices can be described as right and wrong, like math or sports. Art can give them a chance to be free and express themselves without judgment.

Art teachers can make a meaningful impact, especially on younger kids, like elementary school students and kindergartners. As an art teacher, an art project for kids might be helping them to explore their creative side, or you may have influenced them to pursue a future career! But while being an art teacher can be just as fun for you as it is for your students, it can also be really hard.

It’s important to plan out your lessons in advance just in case, and having backup ideas never hurts. There are tons of art projects for kids out there online, and it can be hard to pick between them. It can also be hard to come up with your own. So we put together these top 3 art projects for kids that are directly recommended by art teachers from their own art classes. They can help your younger art students explore their creativity, and they can even be recommended to parents as at-home projects!

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A Guide to Sharing Your Cart with Share-A-Cart as an Influencer or Creator

Shared on 20 March 2022, by Felix

As a creator, you’re often managing your entire brand, content, and effectively everything else all on your own. Videos can take endless hours editing, creating, and recording. Share-A-Cart is here to try to make at least the small things a little more simple for creators and influencers.

Share-A-Cart isn’t just for when you want to share your Target birthday wishlist with your loved ones, your Instacart grocery list with your roommate, or an IKEA furniture list with your partner. We’ve found that some of our best uses are specifically for influencers and creators!

Maybe you’re looking to share the materials for your latest DIY project on a retro kitchen floor, a beginner’s crochet guide on frogs, or your grocery list for your favorite fancy dinner recipe. Or, maybe you’re looking to share the items from your everyday makeup routine, your favorite Spring outfits, or your at-home gel nail favorites. These are all real ways in which we’ve had creators use Share-A-Cart, just over the past few months!

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