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Announcing Share-A-Cart for Instacart

Shared on 14 February 2021, by Felix

We’ve always been fascinated by and hopeful that grocery shopping can and should be successfully accomplished online. Instacart delivers on this promise and then some, the next step for us was obvious, that is offering a dedicated plugin for it! We’re thrilled to introduce Share-A-Cart for Instacart.

Share-A-Cart for Instacart comes with the same powerful one-click cart sharing that every other plugin we make does. Simply install the extension, collect products into the cart, click “Create Cart ID” and your cart is packaged and ready to be handed off to your friend, family member, or admin assistant via a simple cart code or a cart link. Receiving is just as simple: press “Receive Cart”, enter code, and voila, every item is now in your Instacart with the correct store and quantity already set for you.

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Sharing Flipkart shopping carts with friends

Shared on 1 November 2020

Flipkart is a great online retailer with selection rivaling that of Amazon and AliBaba. Share-A-Cart supports sending and receiving carts for Flipkart store via the extension. Flipkart is often the best shopping option depending on the region. They also have a unique selection in some categories. Say you made a great shopping list and now you’d like to share it with friends who could benefit from your product research and buy the things you recommend for themselves. Below is a small tutorial that shows you how to share your shopping cart with anyone else.

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How to share Best Buy shopping carts

Shared on 2 October 2020

Google has just announced a bunch of new smart home devices and we thought it would a be a great opportunity to demonstrate how useful the Share-A-Cart extension is.

Home automation has lots of benefits — remote monitoring for peace of mind, security, safety, comfort. We have some of these devices and some friends who relocated recently have asked for a list of thing we’d recommend. Let’s use this as an example of how to share a cart from Best Buy.

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