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MacBook Pro 16 Daily Carry

Shared on 02 May 2020, by topsharer

We wrote about the then-new MacBook Pro 16" when it came out originally. There was news of a mid-cycle upgrade some days ago and after reviewing the original list we realized that we…

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Semi-pro iPhone photography

Shared on 28 April 2020, by topsharer

iPhone photography advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several generations. iPhone 11 is the most popular phone at shopper central. For most of us phones have replaced the…

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USB-C charging for all

Shared on 17 April 2020

A year ago we made a list of useful mobile charging accessories Since then GaN technology for fast, efficient charging has be become cheaper, smaller and more available. Similarly, devices…

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Splash of color in your kitchen

Shared on 14 April 2020, by excitedconsumer

We're big fans of stainless steel tools, utensils and cookware in our kitchens, but that's not for everyone. While we appreciate the durability and consistency of these tools, many people…

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Medium kitchen plug-ins

Shared on 10 April 2020, by topsharer

Cooking is a new passion here at shopper central and it goes hand in hand with penchant for gadgets. A while ago we published a blurb about small kitchen electrics This type of collection…

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