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Pandemic Bike Upgrades

Shared on 09 March 2020

We at shopper-central have been relying on our bikes quite a bit as a substitute for short-medium distance commutes. Not being essential workers and without a direct need to use public…

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Working from home, comfortably!

Shared on 02 March 2020

It has been quite an adjustment and we consider ourselves lucky that we can work from home without too much interruption. Working with laptops for prolonged periods is hard and strains…

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Early Black Friday sale on our favorite Macbook Air!

Shared on 25 November 2019, by topsharer

Amazon delivers a stunning 30% off deal on Macbook Air. Get it while it's hot. Get…

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A new MacBook Pro for actual pros

Shared on 21 November 2019, by topsharer

Apple has finally given on trying to make super slim keyboards work and updated the top-end MacBook Pro with a brand new 16” model. While it may be a while until you can get a slim 100W…

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More about kitchen tools

Shared on 03 May 2019, by excitedconsumer

So far we have written about pots & pans cooking utensils storage containers and knives Many other things are necessary and some times just nice-to-have in your kitchen too. Here are some…

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