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Supporting more than a million websites.

Shared on 6 January 2022, by Felix

Since it's humble and Amazon-centric beginnings over 6 years ago, Share-A-Cart has grown significantly in terms of usage. We attribute this exclusively to offering a product that is easy to use and offers a consistent experience across a large number of vendors. In addition to a comprehensive list of global retailers, over time Share-A-Cart gained support for national and regional stores. In recent months we've quietly expanded support for many international stores even though we are US-based. Most of the interfaces we added came via questions from our users. People wanted to see Lazada, Shopee, and many other non-US centric online retailers added to Share-A-Cart and we got it done.

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Finally, iOS availability for Share-A-Cart!

Shared on 25 October 2021, by Felix

We're happy to announce that the Share-A-Cart experience is now available on iOS. With Apple's latest innovation in iOS 15 we are now able to deliver cart creation and sharing in Mobile Safari on both iPhone and iPad devices. This is especially exciting since so many users have been asking us for just this functionality. In short, anything that you can do with the Share-A-Cart add-on for Chrome and other desktop browsers can now be done in Mobile Safari thanks to extension support.

Let's review what the flow is like using as an example. First, download the extension from the App Store — you can search for "Share-A-Cart", or click this link. Then, say you found a bunch of nice pieces to make up an outfit and you'd like to share it with your friends. Just make a cart with those items as you normally would while shopping. Once you're done, scroll down on the page slightly to bring up the Safari address bar and click on the left side where you see a puzzle piece icon. (If you don't see the icon, fear not. Tap on the "aA" which will bring up a menu with an item that reads "Manage Extensions". Tap on that and toggle Share-A-Cart on.) This will slide up a menu which will have a button for "Share-A-Cart". Once you tap it, another menu will slide up with two options, "Create Cart ID" and "Receive Cart". Tap on the first one and give the extension half a second to do its thing. At the end of that process you'll get a 5-character code which now represents your cart. No logins, no email or phone number to enter. Just your cart so you can share it. You can tap to "Copy Code" and send it in your favorite chat app or via email.

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Share the Whole Look, or 5!

Shared on 30 July 2021, by Felix

SHEIN exploded onto the Western fashion retail in the last few years after being in operation in China for some time. You know that because SHEIN is the absolute place for trendy, affordable women's fashion pieces. While there is a heavy debate over how to actually pronounce the name of the company (although there shouldn't be, it is literally just "she + in") there is a new technology coupled with this website that has made it convenient and easy to share an up-to-date wardrobe. Introducing Share-A-Cart embeddable widgets!

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Share-A-Cart adds support for Kroger grocery list creation

Shared on 7 April 2021, by Felix

Today we want to announce expanded support for Kroger shopping on Share-A-Cart. The Share-A-Cart extension has had support for this larger grocer for some time. Today we're adding functionality on the website to allow you to create and edit shopping carts directly on

It's easy to get lost in the list of supported vendors. Between various Share-A-Cart products there are more than 50 on-line stores already functional, 14 of which are grocery stores. Adding Kroger lets us address a frequent user request. On-line grocery shopping has exploded in popularity over the last year. While we had support for several grocers already, adding Kroger allows us to serve several regions of the US where this company has greater presence compared to some of their competition.

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Year end results for 2020

Shared on 25 February 2021, by Felix

We follow and embrace the spirit of open stats here at Share-A-Cart and with that in mind, we wanted to drop a few words about our performance for the year 2020. We’ve made great many improvements to the website and expanded our coverage of the online retailers in the past year. So, let’s go over some of the statistics we have collected about usage of Share-A-Cart.

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Announcing Share-A-Cart for Instacart

Shared on 14 February 2021, by Felix

We’ve always been fascinated by and hopeful that grocery shopping can and should be successfully accomplished online. Instacart delivers on this promise and then some, the next step for us was obvious, that is offering a dedicated plugin for it! We’re thrilled to introduce Share-A-Cart for Instacart.

Share-A-Cart for Instacart comes with the same powerful one-click cart sharing that every other plugin we make does. Simply install the extension, collect products into the cart, click “Create Cart ID” and your cart is packaged and ready to be handed off to your friend, family member, or admin assistant via a simple cart code or a cart link. Receiving is just as simple: press “Receive Cart”, enter code, and voila, every item is now in your Instacart with the correct store and quantity already set for you.

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