Viewing a List

Viewing a list with the website

The way to load a list that was sent to you or one that you’ve made previously is to plug in the list ID into the get list page. This page is linked at the top as “Get a saved list”. The get page is really simple, type in the list ID into the search box and click the button. This process makes most sense if you want to load the list into your own cart or to edit it.

Viewing a List video guidelet

Viewing a cart with the extension

With Share-A-Cart it is possible to view list contents without adding it to your cart. To do this navigate to the History page by clicking on the extension icon and then on the clock icon. This will load a page with all of the lists you created and the ones you received. In each of the list cards you’ll see several buttons, the one on the bottom left is “View Cart”. After you click on it will open with that list loaded where you preview the contents before sending it to your cart or just to remember what is on it.

You can also easily remove lists from your history by clicking on the red “delete cart” button. Don’t forget that we do not keep any personal information, so once the list is removed from your history page, the only way to view it again is to “Receive Cart” with the appropriate code.

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